Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Huffington Post is THE New White Trash Blogspot

"The Huffington Post is THE New White Trash Blogspot"
C. Adkins

In a the recent past, the Huffington Post was just an ordinary political blog with a fair amount of readers usually considered an intelligent audience. Now, it would seem it's taken a wee bit different approach to journalism: Attract Pure White Trash.

Why, it once was so respected that its brilliance of supporting the Patriotic Candidate Du Jour Barack Hussein Obama was broadcast on the well-respected and trustworthy Colbert Report news show. How much more credibility does one really need, right?

Well, now the Huffington Post has outdone even the dirtiest of Old Chicago Style has attacked a respectable fundraiser, an activist and a die-hard Democrat by day, Clinton supporter by heart, Ricki Lieberman.

It seems as though we have gotten to the point of elementary school behavior. We now see people lashing out with derogatory comments instead of intelligent dialog. The emotions run unchecked, and the logic has been thrown out the window. Sort of like throwing out the baby with the bathwater, to use a common expression of old. (By the way, you should check out Obama's vote on the Illinois State version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act)!

Are we as a society dropping to the level or wallowing in the mud like a bunch of wild hogs in the wilderness? Are we trying to prove our position by being "bigger" than someone else instead of acting like intelligent human beings?

Is it impossible to act like decent human beings, have a reasonable dialog, and show the rest of the world that we are not uncivilized barbarians as some have already done by their words and actions?

Well, only the e-mails will tell and the Huffington Post will post insanely. For now, my best assertion is to steer clear of the Huffington Post lest you be contributing to the poor white trash dialogue.

2 comments: said...

The Huff has reduced itself to a Political Tabloid by using inventive exploitation in place of truth. My question to The Huff is why, why are you not outraged by the actions of the DNC, why are you not ashamed of the disrespect with which a candidate for our highest office was treated, why are you not afraid of Barack Obama? Cleary you condone these things and you have not done your homework.

Where are your stories about the suspicious death of Donald Young (a former [ahem] friend) of Obama, Larry Sinclair’s declaration of using drugs and having adulteress homosexual relations with Obama, and his connections with Rezko? Where are your stories about the dirty Chicago political machine that is behind Obama? Where are your statements of concern about this dirty politician getting into the White House and taking his dirty friends with him? Where is your concern that Obama will end democracy in the United States of America? He will destroy the very freedom that allows you to stay a filthy political rag. Talk about that! Pull your head out of your @ss and help protect your country from the enemy within Barack Obama!

Jack said...

The more we post on the Huff and Puff lie machine, the mor "hits" they record. This gives them even more avenues to spew their hate and rage.