Monday, August 4, 2008

Move On Davide Duke, Obama is the New Racist in Town Competing for the White House Now!

Imagine an America that is bowing to tolerance and becoming enlightened through a higher level of consciousness. Visualize a country where younger generations will arise with no hatred, no bias and live free of closed minded prejudices. Just when you envision this dream of harmony and acceptance on the brink of society, a society ripe for unity are given a golden opportunity to participate in a revolution. The One arrives on the scene like a liberator to the molested.

Yet, the day of reckoning arrived without a whisper of race…in the beginning. Slowly, with pawns in place, little by little the overtures of bigotry, intolerance and discrimination sluggishly swayed the innocent to ‘make the guilty pay.’

It-the hatred and ethnocentrism- sneaks in like a snake on a hot summer day silently awaiting its prey; it slithers in silence waiting to strike the unsuspecting prey. The venom has a paralyzing effect just before the deadly poison can exterminate the mark.

Only this snake is slinking its way through the senate seducing super delegates. The young and easily influenced, or those so desperate for a day of reckoning, are spellbound by the master.

Defined best by Betty Jean Kling, The One is the Racist!

Race was not an an issue for me when Obama came on the scene. I
remember when he came sauntering out on the stage at the Democratic
convention. Yes, he sauntered across the stage even then and I thought it
was fine - then. I loved his speech and I remember thinking this man
is going to be our president some day. I don’t remember thinking
about his color at all! I didn’t think in those terms - then.

Since January race has become an issue and it was made an issue by those who are
allowed to make it an issue. Blacks! Whites are not allowed to make it an issue!
Anyone white knows that! If You are black you can say the ‘N’ word at will
- if you are white - you had better not even refer to it as the “N” word let
alone spell it out.

The media has run the issue of race into the
ground and is determined to ask racists questions which they are allowed to do
because every time a white answers - the blacks can attack the whites for
answering! So the media is a willing pawn for the blacks. Read more
Even more disturbing is that with media in tow, we pretend that we are a society of acceptance. Some whisper, some talk, most look the other way when true racism raises it's ugly head. When it is so blatant and cannot be denied, what do we do with the 'racist' in todays society? We let freedom ring and let the whole world know that we are NOT going to tolerate those who are intolerable. Emblematic of true justice and tolerance of all, the great state of Louisiana denied governroship to David Duke back in the 80's.

Alas, a challenge like no other. What to do when the racist is the victim, the victim the racist? Whats more, what to do when we've given the racist his stage without a fight?

It all started on January 3, 2008

While Barack and Michelle entered the Iowa hall, waving and thanking supporters, Jay-Z’s “99 Problems (But A Bitch Ain’t One)” was pumping out of the loudspeakers. While most of Middle America did not recognize that hip hop song, the racist pig and his angry racist wife were clapping and dancing across the stage sending a very loud and clear message to a subculture that the rest of us could not understand.

Have you read the lyrics of this filthy song? Read the lyrics then you will know why in addition to young people from colleges who are young and foolish, uneducated poor people who identify by color only, the easily influenced or easily mesmerized, the
downtrodden, and last but not least the dregs of the earth came out of the
woodwork and registered to vote for the first time in history without knowing
what voting is for!
*Listen to the lyrics folks. Betty Jean Kling

So, what's left to say except 'Move on David Duke, there's a new racist in town named Barack Obama making a play for the White House.'

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Adrian said...

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