Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cristi Adkins Asks, Will These Broken Wings Stay Home or Fly to the Other Side?

Can 18 Million Broken Wings Recover - and Fly Away to the Other Side? As Denver approaches, the flapping that's in this air is the buzz everywhere: What will the Clinton supporters do next?
Cristi Adkins

With unyielding conviction through talking, writing, praying and fighting, the voices of 18 million Clinton Supporters struggled to exert an unmistakable solution for America, one they know as Senator Hillary Clinton. Yet, in the aftermath of a democratic debacle they're left behind like fallen angels nursing broken wings. Now wondering where to go, left or right, those 18 million must consider whether they will just stay home -- or recover their hope and strength -- and fly to the other side.

Surrounded by dampened spirits and broken wings, the DNC gives the 18 million nothing, while requesting much. Should those 18 million give up their dream now or will they invest more hope in a "November surprise?" I, Cristi Adkins, have declared my pledge to fly over, but there are many days when that decision is questioned again and again. And, like myself, there must be many other supporters who feel the same.

As thoughtful women - and many men - some of these angels declare it a crime to just stay home rather than invoke our most powerful birthright: the right to vote in a valid democratic process. It's a sacred right too often taken for granted. Exercising it is a powerful force uplifting each individual's spirit and moral fiber.

Amidst all the broken wings, whispers of injustice, sexism, inequality and questions of 'His Will' hover in the Democratic Party's air. The DNC's insincere declarations of remorse over the chosen offer little solace. But what is to come if the voices of those 18 million simply surrender now?

In the DNC's flawed process, the 18 million invested everything they had only to be left feeling scorned and ignored for believing that "now was the time." When will the voices of these 18 million angels begin to matter to the DNC - if ever? Or, is their best option to fly to the side of an American hero, the maverick AKA, John McCain?

With their wounded spirits, the 18 million face an all too familiar struggle. How can they justify staying home when their fore-mothers demonstrated the power of women's will on August 26, 1920?

Almost to the day, in unison, though wounded, jaded, mocked and hated, those brave angels of democracy struggled to end the brutality of women's suffrage...they ended forever in the country the haunting silence of women's voices. Are women to be hushed once again on August 26, 2008?

Despite decades of activism, advocacy, and growing empowerment, are the angels to be left once again in silence -- searching, wondering, lost and alone?

It's as if we, the 18 million, are children without a father and are now hoping for our mother's miracle. If only we knew 'His Will.'

During this year's historical, glass-breaking primary process, the DNC's "good ole boys" showed us harsh political realities. We met misogyny face-to-face on many primary nights, and it came dressed as an inexperienced, unqualified, and arrogant nominee, one selected rather than elected.

Like so many others, I'm also left wondering what to do on November 4.

With broken wings, should we -- the 18 million -- just stay home, or should we carry our dreams to the appealing, but unfamiliar, other side? Let the Denver bells ring and we shall see just what these angels do.
Cristi Adkins
In Honor of Christi, Jaiden and Trinity...

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Adrian said...

URGENT: (Please share this info)
Philip J. Berg, Esq. Files Federal Lawsuit Requesting Obama Be Removed as a Candidate as he does not meet the Qualifications for President.


Pursuit of Truth said...

You guys should read this...