Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wake Up America Movement Launched

Media Contact:
Reuben Torres 646-591-3551;


The time has come for the people of our country to take the leadership role that has lacked in Congress. A number of our citizens have come to the conclusion that the future of our country is too important for them to be seating on the sidelines waiting for Congress to act on their behalf. A new organization and movement has been born, its name is W.A.M. ( Wake Up America Movement) and this important movement is ready to make a difference in the lives of every American.

Wake Up America movement is a bipartisan grass roots Action group which is connected to a network of millions. As a large and growing independent coalition, we will be conducting grass roots volunteerism in your particular district to provide voters with information on the Congressional race. We are also publishing and distributing online endorsements to worthy candidates throughout a internet readership.

W.A.M. is endorsing only those candidates who: commit to acting on Principles over Party, commit to Fair Reflection of the Will of the People of their State and District rather than represent Special Interests, are willing to work, on a bi-partisan basis for urgent Reform in energy policy, banking and credit practices, fair & balanced trade agreements, support of US manufacturing and employment and maintaining a strong national security.
and understand and support the need for Campaign and Media Reform for honest and fair elections.

W.A.M. will help voters make decisions based on actual facts over outmoded party loyalties. W.A.M. does not support candidates who have acted in opposition to the good will of the People of their State and/or District. Our endorsements for a Reform Coalition in Congress will outreach via phone banks, postcards, local community outreach, press releases, letters to local editors plus an online information campaign.

W.A.M. is the Will of the People expressed through political action. It is part of the Coalition, and yet will reach beyond the present limits to include all Americans who want to control their Democracy. Every concerned American can join W.A.M. to take local action toward national reforms.

W.A.M. the Grassroots Solution, has vital voter information and volunteer sign-up at

Who gets W.A.M. support? Those who place Principles over political partisanship.

"Democracy, use it or lose it" is the W.A.M. Action Call for local power on national goals.

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