Friday, October 3, 2008

Elite Arrogance In It's Finest Hour: The Obama Empire Against The Palin Working Class

Elite Arrogance In It's Finest Hour: The Obama Empire Against The Palin Working Class
By Bernie Gagliano

The Press took its orders from The Obama Empire, Axelrod and Pfloufe, once again last night.

Since Sarah hit it out of the park on last nights debate, they are now left with attacking her for her every day, one of us, middle American speech pattern and main street colloquialisms.

The net result is that we mere working class proletarians are supposed to hate ourselves for not being one of the elite. Elite arrogance at it's finest...with whispers of Imperialism in the air.

The Obama Empire fears the reform Palin speaks of; the reform that is going to put an end to Congress-speak and Beltway babble.

Why, you ask?

Oh, that bubbly positive personality, that enthusiasm, that energy and foresightedness to move us forward can and does connect with real American values. That translates into votes towards solutions and positive change.

Thus, according to the elitists, that pizazz that is Palin is to be degraded, mocked, and questioned. It isn't Washingtonian. Horrors, it is that ordinary down-home American quality that toughs out tragedy and disasters, wins wars, rebuilds cities, invents and innovates what the world wants, volunteers to help their neighbors, sends rescue teams around the world, saves children and feeds the starving masses. And worse, it is grounded in patriotism, love of the Constitution, and a practiced and prayerful religious or spiritual belief.

Agh!, but these American solutions and actions Palin suggests to get American families moving forward would leave The Obama Empire and Dem Party, run-amok Socialism in the dust.

This Maverick reform will open up opportunities faster than any tasty policy offered by The Obama Empire.

Why, you ask?

The Socialists wouldn't be able to redistribute the wealth; they wouldn't be able to pay for governmental programs and end capitalism for years to come if the Mavericks actually get into office and begin their reform.

Should Palin penetrate the hearts of patriotic Americans, Obama Socialism will come to a halt; he will be stopped by a hockey mom, won't be allowed to do his thing and run up trillions more in debt, destroy what value is left in the dollar, and put the government into metastases, bloating the bureaucracy and strangling the economy for state after state.

With McCain and Palin we can finally see the corrupt punished and the incompetent weasels in Congress set correctly. The Mavericks can reform and lead the government with practiced hands. They can clean out the waste, save us on taxes, stimulate new small enterprises where innovation and jobs are born.

This is how America can build 5 million - 10 million - jobs with small enterprises, not massive programs in DC.

And as for foreign affairs, we have the Iraq war to wrap up correctly; not to fumble the ball and abandon the innocent as The Obama Empire is dictating.

Emperor Obama would like to tell the Joint Chiefs of Staff to end democracy on his schedule? Huge mistake.

As for Afghanistan and Pakistan, we all know he is dead wrong.
Pakistan is on tenderhooks politically. We must allow McCain to win the war in the tribal areas, as we see him shore up that government to prevent a collapse in all that has been achieved.

Pakistan has many nukes on missiles pointed all over the globe. We can't allow that government to fall, to stall or to turn rogue.

Who do you feel is best to achieve this safely and securely - McCain or Obama?

We've heard it again and again, this is serious; this is deadly serious business, not cheap jabs on a podium.

What our next POTUS is faced with is 2 wars to be completed with our best outcome, not some weak-kneed retreatist, peace now, talk-to-terrrorists surrender policy.

American lives, American families and American values cannot afford Obama.

Why, you ask?

If the honorable points thus far mentioned don't speak to your heart and mind, consider these last points - ACORN and Intimidation.

Of all the dirty, rotten and left handed tactics to enter politics, ACORN is most poisonous.
Obama will bring ACORN, a corrupt and criminal organization, into the White House as his personal mafia, his chartered cheats, funded by the Dems with our tax dollars to corrupt the electoral system like Saddam Hussein ran his elections, through fear and terror tactics.

If the delegates in Denver still are afraid to tell the truth, what will this nation be like if this criminal syndicate, AKA The Obama Empire, controls our government?

Intimidation is rampant. We already know the FEC is afraid to kick up a fuss. The FBI is afraid to lift the cover off the crimes of Obama and his ACORN and Rezko activities.

Judges all over are afraid to issue orders to go forward with obvious criminal cases in many states and on the federal level co-opted by fear of the race baiting.

Do we dare mention race?
Yes, we dare.

Race is the leif motiv of this entire campaign. It is the undertone of intimidation and is forbidden to mention, but it is there.
No, it is not subliminal.
No, it is not skin color "race".
It is street crime and race riot racial fear that is used and promulgated on TV right out of the mouths of the angry AA spokespeople and hosts, warning that only the One can be the President or else.

Intimidation: "Denver will burn, cities will burn."
We all heard it on CNN, over and over. And it has worked.

Race baiting has worked. The Clintons are in line, the Dems are in line, some Hillary women have capitulated, law enforcement has collapsed, judges are made timid and no one on the MSM outlets has the slightest inkling of talking about this terrorizing of our country.

Oh, they will write books five years from now, but not now. Not when it matters. Not when something is at risk for them.

Well we now have two leaders who are unafraid and they have stepped up to save us from this disgusting mess. John McCain and Sarah Palin are a very good alternative. Four years of reform and the defeat on Nov.4th of all this evil to come is worth working for. It is the only rational choice.

But it is up to us, Clintons 4 McCain - the Hillary women -talking to the undecided and bamboozled women in the swing states.

Please take action now and get on the phones at Citizens for McCain and be forthright, like Sarah was last night.

Talk straight.

They want to hear from you.

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